Leo love.

Ask me anything   I do not claim to own any of these images or whatever else i may post, this is just simply a tribute to the beautiful & talented man that is Leonardo Dicaprio ♥

Leo is and always will be my favourite actor, i just simply can't put into words how much i adore him. ♥

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Happy 39th Birthday, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio! (November 11th, 1974)

Christopher Nolan: He has that timeless quality about him, like a Jack Nicholson or an Al Pacino. He’s going to be a movie star forever.

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Happy birthday beautiful Leo.. i love you x 

Happy birthday beautiful Leo.. i love you x

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can’t wait for this!

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Oh Leo you are just perfect.

Oh Leo you are just perfect.

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Leonardo DiCaprio > TV Appearances > NBC News

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